Whats App Marketing

We offer a wide range of customized solutions that enable entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits and non-profit organizations to communicate with their existing and potential customers. While broadcasting the message in the broadcast list, you do not have to worry about DND phone numbers. With whatsapp, marketers can also contact those listings that are on that list. This means, creating a customer access without fear of spam messages is now possible with WhatsApp

Text Message (1‎ credit) - No limit
Images/Infographics/PDF (1‎ credit) - 1 MB
Audio Files. (1 credit) - 2 MB
Video Files (1 credit) - 3 MB
Filter contacts for valid whatsapp accounts
11am to 7pm Whatsapp Service will work on weekdays
Delivery ratio will be 80% to 90% on whatsapp Number

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