If you want to monetize YouTube, either for your business or your personal channel, you need to be aware of the different monetization options available, YouTube’s policies, best practices, and more.

In this blog post, explained explain YouTube monetization and how you can become a YouTube partner so you know exactly what to expect for your business.

But first, what does getting monetized on YouTube actually mean?

What is YouTube monetization?

YouTube monetization means that you make money from content created for your YouTube channel. A major source of revenue from YouTube monetization is advertising.

When you monetize your videos, you allow ads to run on them. As a result, you collect a portion of the revenue from YouTube advertisements.

To monetize YouTube, you must apply for the YouTube Partner Program, which has its own set of requirements.

YouTube monetization requirements

Two major requirements of YouTube monetization are:

  1. You need to have over 1000 subscribers
  2. People need to have watched at least 4000 hours of your videos in the last 12 months

Why is AdSense important for YouTube monetization?

Earning on YouTube means that you must have heard a lot about Google AdSense. But without any explanation, it does not make much Adsense.

To make money from YouTube, you need an AdSense account, and you must link it to your YouTube channel.

AdSense is an advertising network that allows advertisers to bid on the available digital ad space, that is, your monetized YouTube videos.

Here’s a basic overview of how AdSense makes you money:

  • You make ad space available for advertisers
  • Advertisers place bids to have their ads appear in front of their target audience
  • Google matches the advertisers to your content
  • The highest bidder’s ad appears in front of your viewers
  • You earn a portion of the ad revenue

This next sentence is very important. Do not sign up for an AdSense account on the AdSense website. 

The regular AdSense signup page asks you for a link to your website. Your YouTube channel is not a website. 

According to Google, if you sign up for AdSense through the main website, your AdSense account will not be approved and your YouTube channel won’t be monetized. 

If for some reason you get rejected from the partner program, then you will have to wait only 30 days before applying again. However, take time to review your account before reapplying.

YouTube will explain why they rejected your channel in their rejection email, so read it carefully and make changes as needed.

You may also need to adjust video thumbnails or remove videos that violate community guidelines. An in-depth look at your channel will help you understand what is causing the problem.

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