Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Strategy:

Without a well-planned strategy, even a tool as effective as email marketing would find it difficult to get the desired results.

We work closely with you to understand your business, find out growth opportunities and see how email marketing could help you achieve your goals. These goals could vary. One company may be looking to get more business from the existing client base, while another may want to convert free trial users into paying customers. We tailor the email marketing strategy in tune with the available opportunities and business adjectives to get you the clicks that lead to results Setting goals.

An email marketing campaign is nothing without solid content. The right kind of compelling content can make all the difference between whether your email goes to the trash bin or you get the customer to respond in a manner you desired. With Zone One Digital, all your content generation needs are taken care of by experts in the business.

Once we have identified the goals email marketing must achieve for your business, we will craft a campaign accordingly. From sending out newsletters detailing the benefits of your business to your customer base to dispensing brand promotion offers to drive up online sales, a variety of different campaigns are available with Zone One Digital.

Research has shown that 65% of peoplelike emails that are mostly comprised of attractive images; while barely one-third of users prefer a text-only approach. Our in-house graphic designers and visualizers work on each email campaign dedicatedly to create visuals, graphics, and animations that adhere to your business style and capture the attention of the reader.

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